Sex and relationships are an important aspect of life which we all have a right to enjoy. However due to misunderstandings, lack of knowledge or feelings of embarrassment this is often not the case.
As a psychologist and hypno-psychotherapist it’s my mission to help you enjoy the fulfilling sex life that you deserve.

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Male problems

These usually relate to difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection. Problems with erection can occur at any stage in life and have many possible causes, some physical requiring medical attention, some due to prescribed medication, alcohol or recreational drugs.

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Female problems

Female problems broadly speaking relate to difficulties around having penetrative sex. Or achieving orgasm.

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Problems experienced by both sexes

General dissatisfaction with their sex life. A need to put back the sparkle.
This is a very common problem and often responds well and quickly to therapy.


As well as being enjoyable and helping couples to feel close and in tune in their relationship good sex actually offers health benefits to both couples and singles.

According to NHS Choices a good sex life is beneficial for a healthy heart, boosts the immune system, reduces tension, improves sleep and provides a general feeling of well-being.

Added to this American medical research cites a good sex life as reducing the risk of prostate cancer, helping with chronic pain and improving women’s bladder control.

People enjoying a good sex life have been shown to take less sick days than those not.


Sex is the mortar that holds the bricks of a relationship together and keeps them apart. In other words, sex can be an asset to a couple in building a happy, lasting relationship. Or it can have just the opposite effect.

Conflict can occur in the best of relationships and can arise over sexual issues. Couples may feel that they are mismatched in libido or that their sexual needs differ

This can often be difficult to discuss possibly leading to arguments. Or as often happens the subject may be avoided giving no opportunity for the situation to be resolved.

Or the sparkle may have simply gone out of the relationship.

Therapy can provide a safe space to explore and deal with these problems.

Ready to find out more?

Got a question? Just send us a message… We’d love to hear from you!

Ready to find out more?

Got a question? Just send us a message… We’d love to hear from you!