Female Problems

Female problems broadly speaking relate to difficulties around having penetrative sex. Or achieving orgasm.

Difficulty in achieving orgasm

Some females have never experienced an orgasm and this is part of the problem as they are not quite sure how it would feel.

Others have experienced orgasms in the past but now seem to have lost the capacity to achieve them. This could be as a result of being in a new relationship and needing to get comfortable with a new partner. Or some trauma which they have experienced.

The situation is sometimes caused by prescription drugs in particular anti-depressants. In which case a different prescription could be the answer.

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Vaginismus - the inability to have penetrative sex.

This can be primary, where penetrative sex has never been possible. Or secondary, occurring after difficult childbirth or other trauma.

Dyspernia - Finding penetrative sex painful.

Lack of lubrication could make penetrative sex painful or uncomfortable.

Anxiety about having penetrative sex

Whilst it is possible for the person with this problem to have penetrative sex on some occasions, she worries about it. The prospect of having penetrative sex raises her anxiety levels. This can create considerable problems within a relationship as the female in this situation doesn’t know until the moment of penetration if she can go through with it. Her anxieties may get the better of her at the vital moment causing frustration for her male partner as well as distress to herself.

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