Male Problems

These usually relate to difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection. Problems with erection can occur at any stage in life and have many possible causes, some physical requiring medical attention, some due to prescribed medication, alcohol or recreational drugs.

Such problems can arise due to the mind negatively affecting the body. Here hypno-psychotherapy can be very useful.

It generally happens in this way. All males have occasional problems with erection due to tiredness, alcohol or stress. If the male in question becomes worried about this he may set up a vicious circle of worry, erection problems, more worry more erection problems etc. Hypno-psychotherapy helps by breaking this negative circle.

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Problems with ejaculation

Ejaculation may occur before the male feels that he is ready. This can be distressing to both the male and his partner.

This may occur on every occasion that sex takes place. Or in some males when they feel tired, stressed or after alcohol; or recreational drugs. Hypno-psychotherapy can help delay ejaculation making sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Other male problems related to erection, ejaculation and other issues also exist some of which respond well to therapy.

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